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WRTG 266 Writing for Social Change (O'Donnell): Multimodal Projects

Tools for Creating Digital Media

Use iconography and color to draw on prior knowledge when introducing new information:


Share complex information (e.g. content from grey literature)

"The likelihood that a very low-income renter household had worst case needs increased from 42 percent in 2013 to 43 percent in 2015; approaching the record rate of 44 percent observed in 2011."  "...growing competition for limited supply of affordable units, a rising population of renter households and a declining population of homeowners, a widening rental assistance gap, and rising rents continue to drive severe housing problems among this vulnerable population" (HUD’s “Worst Case Housing Needs 2017” report).

A visualization might help to "unpack" it for your reader.  It could be visualized this way:

Use the examples below as a springboard for developing your own multimodal project.