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Open Science Framework (OSF)

OSF Projects

OSF Projects enables researchers to manage their scholarly projects in a very efficient and organized way. Projects are a flexible tool for researchers to plan, collaborate, and organize a research study. Because of their flexibility, projects are an excellent place for a team to show their work and refine ideas.

The OSF project dashboard helps researchers keep all their projects and documentation available in one place. Scholars can control access to each project by keeping it private, adding collaborators, or making the work open to the public. They can also link projects together, add preprints and create registrations.

OSF projects are the most flexible workspaces supported by OSF. A project can be anything, an experiment, a lab group, a paper, a course, a workshop—anything that has contributing members and files or explanatory texts/images.

Projects can grow quickly and easily by adding new components, folders and files as needed. Components help organize the research and create a hierarchy within the parent project. A component's privacy settings, contributors, tags, wikis, add-ons, and files are separate from the parent project.

OSF's version control makes easy to track modifications to the various project documents over time, while project analytics help researchers measure the impact of their work. Several add-ons allow researchers to connect their project to other tools, including additional cloud space. 

Learn more about OSF Projects here: Welcome to Projects or watch the video below.

Introduction to OSF - OSF Projects section by Center for Open Science (CC-BY).


Here is a screenshot of a basic OSF Project:  UR Tutorial - OSF Projects Demo