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* Philosophy: Open Educational Resources (OER)

This subject guide provides reliable resources pertaining to the study of philosophy.

Navigating the OER landscape

The landscape of Open Education Resources can get very complicated very quickly. 

If you're just starting out, the best strategy is to start by thinking about what you're looking for:


Grade Range:

Do you need to meet a curriculum standard?

Looking for a full module (a few days to a few weeks) or supplementary material, or something to edit and remix for your purposes?


Does it need to work within your Google classroom/schoology/other Learning Management System?

Do you need an assessment component built in, like quizzes?

Just like searching for scholarly resources or a really good pizza place, what you need will determine where you start.  

I've provided some samples in the box labeled: "Finding Open Education Resources" that have the ability to sort on many of these criteria.  

When you find a source, it's good to evaluate it. Rubrics are pretty common, but can get dense very quickly.  Try the 2-page summary of the rubric to get started. 



Evaluating OER

Finding Open Educational Resources (OER)