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Faculty/Graduate Student Support from River Campus Libraries: Overview of Services

This guide is intended to provide UR faculty information on how RCL librarians can assist with instructional support.


This guide is intended to provide information on how RCL librarians can support UR faculty in research, teaching, and learning processes. If you’re interested in one or a combination of these services, contact your department's outreach librarian today. 

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Instructional Support for Teaching & Learning

  • Information Literacy Instruction (for traditional, hybrid and online courses)
  • Instructional Design
    • Development of specialized library guides for your course or a particular assignment (see the list of current course specific research guides)
    • Assistance with developing a course (serving as a sounding board for folding in pedagogical concepts).
    • Assistance developing course assignments (ensuring that the library has or can purchase the resources needed).
    • Locate and assist with resources for teaching with technology, including Open Educational Resources.
    • Assistance with using/integrating collaborative technologies and new media creation


Assignment Design Resources

Blackboard Assistance

  • Blackboard Assistance 
    • Requesting course reserves via
    • Audit your blackboard course modules before you open to students
    • Collecting and adding open educational resources (OER) as an alternative for textbooks or embed resources (e.g. a short video on using difficult resources or how-tos like using the advanced search features in LexisNexis or searching for a journal title).
    • Assistance finding online resources students can access as an alternative to ILL (Gutenberg, Hathi Trust, Google Books, etc.).
    • Assistance adding links in Blackboard to library resources
    • Librarian presence in course discussions/online discussion forums (all or pre-selected discussions).
    • Allow students direct access to their librarian at the point of need and/or participate in discussion boards; offer feedback on drafts, help with incorporating collaborative technologies into the course, etc.
  • Pop-Up Programming and Workshops - Developing programming to complement your course (e.g. we created pop-up programs in the library for students on researching employers & on developing an elevator pitch as a supplement to students taking WRT 273).

Research Support

Connect with River Campus Libraries

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List of Course Specific Research Guides

If you'd like to work with a librarian to create a guide with specific resources for your course or assignment(s).  Contact your Outreach Librarian.

Practical Resources on Being a Scholar