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Using Piktochart: Piktochart Tips & Tricks


Choosing a template (printables like reports & posters, presentations or infographics)

Select canvas height & width

Add, move or delete blocks

Insert objects or text/text frames

Change color/opacity of objects or text

Filter a bright image by adding a dark grey block and changing the opacity

Select and move multiple images using shift (neither ctrl nor command will work)

Resize or rotate objects proportionally using shift

Layer/group images - can be tedious to modify a layered image you have to un-layer them all, modify, then relayer. Layer/group as a last step (e.g. layers)

Edge, center alignment, alignment tool

Copy and paste elements from one infographic to another

Publish/Share (from dashboard or in edit mode)

Embed infographic (e.g. blog post)

Exporting an infographic or presentation to slideshare or evernote 

  1. Select share
  2. export to (slideshare or evernote)
  3. Login credentials
  4. Click export

Download infographic as image (png/jpg) or PDF


Masking photos

  1. Add a shape
  2. Add a photo
  3. Shift-click on both photo and shape
  4. Select the masking tool 
  5. Double-click on the image to reposition/adjust

Uploading gifs (e.g. adding a gif to piktochart).

  1. Save your GIF to your computer
  2. Rename the file extension from .gif to .jpg
  3. Upload the file to Piktochart as you do with normal images

Chart functionality

  • Create a chart with plug-in functionality
    1. Select Tools —> add a chart —> click the data button
    2. Add data or copy/paste from a spreadsheet
    3. Update chart
  • Create a chart with import from Google sheets
    1. Publish Google sheet to the web & copy the weblink to your clipboard
    2. Select Tools —> add a chart —> click the dynamic data button
    3. Paste the weblink to the Google spreadsheet
    4. Update chart
      Note: If you modify the spreadsheet the chart will update with the changes
  • Picturizing icon matrix charts
    1. Select Tools —> add a chart —> select “icon matrix” chart type
    2. Add data or copy/paste from a spreadsheet
    3. Go to Settings (Gear icon in upper right corner) 
    4. Under Advanced, select your preferred shape (choose a basic shape or select “customize” to upload or select something from the icon library)
    5. Update chart
  • Import surveymonkey results  (How-to YouTube video)