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HathiTrust at the University of Rochester


There are several ways to search HathiTrust content.

  • Catalog search - searches author, title, subject, year, ISBN and publisher. Select the catalog tab above the searchbox.
  • Full-text search - searches the complete text of all materials except charts, graphs and illustrations.
  • Prototype catalog - currently being developed with OCLC in the WorldCat Local interface.

Articles & Books search on the River Campus Libraries' homepage.

  • HathiTrust content is included in search results.
  • To narrow results to HathiTrust content, add HathiTrust as a search term and check Books/Ebooks on the left of results.
  • Clicking on the title of a HathiTrust item in the results connects to that item in HathiTrust.

HathiTrust Mobile Site

  • Not an app, but a separate website, optimized for tablets and smaller devices.
  • Searches the catalog only, not the full-text. Viewing the full-text is supported.

For more information about searching, see Help - Using the Digital Library on HathiTrust's website.

Understanding Search Results

  • Whether using the Full Text or Catalog search, you will see two tabs above search results.
    • All items lists every item in HathiTrust that matches your search terms, whether or not you have access to the full text.
    • Only full view lists just the items for which you have access to the full text.

  • When full view is available, the results show links for Catalog Record and Full View, as in the second example above.
  • When full view is not available, you see links for Catalog Record and Limited (search-only). Click the latter to search within that title and identify which pages contain your search terms.


After logging in at HathiTrust as a member of the University of Rochester, a link on the left of full view volumes allows you to download the entire volume as a PDF file. Downloading is for the entire volume and cannot be configured for single chapters or page ranges.

Without logging in, downloading (and subsequent printing) is limited to one page at a time in PDF for full view volumes (titles in the public domain and those with Creative Commons licenses).

Find out more at Help - Downloading.