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HIST 263 Global History of Food (Fleischman)

Secondary Research

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Secondary sources and other supporting research materials provide an interpretation or analysis of historical topics, figures, and/or events and build context around the primary sources you are using for your research. There are many kinds of secondary sources, but some of the most common for academic research are scholarly books and e-books and peer-reviewed journal articles.

Books and E-Books

Books are essential resources when conducting research in humanistic fields such as history. The River Campus Libraries provide immediate access to over one million titles including both print and electronic books. Need something not in UR's collection? You can use interlibrary loan (a free service!) to get access to any titles that you need.

One of the best places to find books on your topic is through the library's website. Ready to search now? Try out the search box below:


For more tips on how to find books in UR's collection and beyond, check out the "Books and E-Books" tab on the general History guide.