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HIST 263 Global History of Food (Fleischman)

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This guide is designed to help you get started with your research for this class. The River Campus Libraries provides access to a robust collection of history-related print resources and online databases, including many collections of primary source materials.

If you have questions as you begin your research, please feel free to reach out  to me, Lara Nicosia ( – I'm the Liaison Librarian for History and I'm always happy to help!

Want to meet with me on Zoom? Watch this quick video (runtime: 1:35) to see how to put time on my calendar.

Background Information

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Reference works such as encyclopedias are great resources to consult at the start of any research project. These sources can inspire topic ideas, provide necessary background context, suggest key terms and phrases, and highlight themes and controversies, all of which can help you get a handle on your topic before you start diving into the academic literature and/or primary source research.

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