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Getting Started with Wikipedia

Fixing broken links

Dead links are often located on news websites that have relocated the content. Fixing broken links can be a quick task if you only have a few minutes to edit, provided you're able to find the new link to the information. If you aren't able to find a corrected link, just move on to the next dead link.

  1. Select an article from the page linked below below and click the link to go to it.
  2. Click Edit to edit the article; use the source editor.
  3. Press Ctrl-F to search and type in "dead link" to find it in the article source; it will look like this: {{dead link|date=June 2021|bot=medic}}
  4. In the reference just before it you will find the website, URL, and article title for the source. Look for an updated link.
  5. Once you have the updated link, replace the dead link with the new link. You can also update the Access Date with today's date.
  6. Remove the dead link template, i.e., {{dead link| ...}}
  7. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and Preview your work to make sure it looks good.
  8. Enter an Edit Summary, "Fixed dead link," and click Publish changes.