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* Public Health

Resources for students interested in public health related programs at the University of Rochester

What databases should you use for your literature search?

The field of Public Health by its nature is very interdisciplinary. Much literature can be found in PubMed - see how to find search terms and conduct a comprehensive search in PubMed in the videos towards the bottom of this webpage. 

Depending on your topic you may need to search elsewhere, such as the DiscoverUR on the library website, Google Scholar, or other disciplinary databases such as PsycINFO

If you're focusing on health interventions and other public health programming you will probably want to search for grey literature online.

You can also get a good overview of the topic for your literature review by reading through systematic reviews, which can be found in the TRIP database.

Literature review tips

  • Keep a running list of what search terms you've used and what MeSH subject headings are appearing in your searches. Try using the Literature Review Worksheet to help you keep track.
  • Set up an alert in PubMed to receive the most recent articles published based on your search criteria 
  • Use a reference manager to store and share your references.
    • If you're working with a team I'd suggest checking to see which reference manager they're using. Zotero, RefWorks and EndNote are all commonly used in medical fields.
    • I recommend Zotero for students who are also using grey literature in their reviews. Zotero is a free, open source reference manager.  

Find search terms

Create a search strategy to use in PubMed