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WRTG 105 Let's Talk Emotions (Armoskaite)


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Recommended Databases

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Recommended Journals

Journal cover for Emotions: History, Culture, SocietyThe interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal Emotions: History, Culture, Society is published by Brill Publishing on behalf of the Society for the History of Emotions. According to the publisher, the journal "is dedicated to understanding the emotions as culturally and temporally situated phenomena, and to exploring the role of emotion in shaping human experience and action by individuals, groups, societies and cultures."


Journal cover for Cognition and EmotionCognition and Emotion is an peer-reviewed journal that explores emotion and cognitive processes from the perspective of cognitive and clinical psychology, neuroscience, and neuropsychology. This journal is devoted to researchers' study of emotion, especially those aspects of emotion related to cognitive processes. 

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