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The Greene Center Employer Challenge - Business Resources for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Entrepreneurship

Recommended Resources

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Entrepreneurship

There are documented additional barriers and hurdles that women, people of color, and other marginalized populations need to overcome that make it more difficult to create new businesses and start the path to entrepreneurship. Some of the most well known include finding seed money and investors, as well as additional hurdles.

Below are our recommended resources for learning about and identifying strategies for overcoming those hurdles.


We recommend the following research studies to get a full understanding of the role that race plays in entrepreneurship:

Books and ebooks

The following books and ebooks are all available directly from the University of Rochester


To locate additional books from our collections, we suggest the following search terms:

  • Entrepreneurship diversity
  • Entrepreneurship minority
  • Entrepreneurship women
  • Entrepreneurship African-Americans

Conferences and Events

Conferences present the opportunity to see and hear the top thinkers, researchers, and practitioners in the field-and many make information accessible even for those that do not attend.  For events previously held, you can visit the conference site to locate the names and contact of past speakers, and often download PowerPoints, audio, or video of selected presentations. You can also look to see if there will be another event held next year. For upcoming events, you can also locate experts, and get a sense of the key and emerging issues by reviewing the upcoming talks and presentations

Previously Held Events:

Social Media Influencers

Locating Women-owned Companies

Locating Women and People of Color Owned Companies

There are databases and free on the Web resources that will permit you to generate a list of women and people of color owned businesses. Here are our recommendations and instructions for generating such a list

Reference Solutions via Data Axle

Go to the U.S. Businesses Database and select Advanced Search. In the Executives options select Executive Gender to filter for Male or Female or Executive Ethnicity to filter for one or more listed ethnicities. Alternatively, when you have a list of search results, if you select Download > Custom you can add the Executive Gender and Executive Ethnicity fields to the list of columns to export.


Crunchbase, a free database of hundreds of thousands of start-ups, venture funded and small tech companies, has introduced a feature that includes a filter that permits users to generate a list of companies that are led or founded by Blacks, Latinex or other diverse populations. :