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The Greene Center Employer Challenge - Business Resources for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Industry Spotlights: Finance, Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals, High Tech, Retail and Consumer

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources for Key Industries

Although virtually all industries confront some kind of issues and challenges related to ensuring that they are removing obstacles to enable more fairness and equity in who they serve, there are a few high profile industries that confront particularly significant challenges. Among these are finance and investing; high tech; pharmaceutical and healthcare; and retail. In the below section we provide some excellent resources to help you begin your research into DEI issues for those industries.

Finance, Banking and Investment

When it comes to equity and fairness in relationships with underserved communities, the finance and investing industries are of particular significance as so much of what makes for a level playing field in business comes down to having access to financing. We have broken down issues surrounding equity and finance into three sub-areas:

  • Investing and Wealth Management
  • Lending and Financing
  • Diversity within the Industry

Investing and Wealth Management: Books and ebooks

Investing and Wealth Management: Scholarly and Trade Journals

Investing and Wealth Management: Reports and Studies

Lending and Financing: Scholarly and Trade Journals

Lending and Financing: Research Reports

Lending and Financing: Government Sources

Diversity Within the Industry: Scholarly and Trade Journals

Diversity Within the Industry: Research Reports

Diversity Within the Industry: Government Sources


In addition to financial equity, inequities in matters related to healthcare are certainly of paramount concerns; as disparities in diagnosis treatment, and care can literally have life and death consequences. Below are books, reports and industry web sites that shed light on the problem and potential solutions



High Tech

For several years now, there has been growing concern regrading the lack of diversity within high technology companies. The below resources will offer insights and potential solutions for increasing the number of women and people of color within companies in that sector.


Scholarly and Trade Articles

Government Sources

Retail, Consumer and Markting

As a direct consumer facing industry, retailers have special and critical obligations when it comes to how they advertise, market, communicate and interact with a wide diversity of customers. Here are our selected resources for learning about the current issues and potential solutions

Books and ebooks

Scholarly and Trade Articles

Popular Articles

Research Reports