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CHEM 234 & 234W - Advanced Laboratory Techniques

Library resources to support the work of students in chm 234 & 234W.

Primary VS Secondary Articles

Research VS Review Articles- Video

Two minute video that describes the difference between research and review articles in science.  

Research vs Review Articles (note: not systematic reviews!)

Venn diagram comparing research and review articles. Broadly, both are typically peer-reviewed. In research articles, authors present original data or findings while review articles are a summary without a methods section

Image credit: Alexis Sullivan

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

Searching tips

Evaluating Sources for Credibility and Scholarship

Use currency, relevancy, authority, accuracy, and purpose to decide whether to use or cite a source.

Is the article popular or scholarly?

For internet sources, learn ways to spot bad science.  Stop, investigate the source, find additional coverage and trace to the original.  The context matters.  Learn more about how Wikipedia has value, especially in the references.

EESC 223 Library Day Handouts