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ACRL 2019 “Must be comfortable with ambiguity” - Resources: Transferable Skills

Links and resources from the ACRL 2019 Presentation: “Must be comfortable with ambiguity”: How Outreach Librarians are navigating their new roles to better engage with scholars in the 21st century.

Lean Six Sigma & Project Management Tools

Fishbone Diagram - A fishbone diagram, also called a cause and effect diagram or Ishikawa diagram, is a visualization tool for categorizing the potential causes of a problem in order to identify its root causes.



5 whys

5 Whys - Helps determine the root cause(s) of a problem using an interrogative method; helps understanding of how different causes are related to each other.



Impact difficulty


Impact Difficulty Matrix - this tool has many names, but is fairly simple to complete. When there are many tasks that need to be/could be completed, ths tool will help you prioritize which projects to move forward with and may not be worth completing.




Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart - This is a type of bar chart that illustrates project timelines, often used in project management in a variety of industries.




value stream mapping iconValue Stream Mapping - This wasn't discussed during the talk, but is a invaluable tool to making process oriented tasks more streamlined and improving workflow. Examples of this in an academic library could be anything from how books/readings are placed on reserve every semester to the process for expenses and reimbursement. To complete value stream mapping, you will need to collect data for every step of the process in the form of cycle time and processing time (i.e. the delay in getting something done and how long it actually physically takes to get something done from start to finish.

Bonus Content! Sustainability Resources

Learn about LEED - a green building rating system used throughout the world that focuses on new construction, renovations, and existing buildings. LEED considers not just energy efficiency, but also factors that improve the health of the building occupants.

Learn about WELL Building Standard - Focuses more on human health and well being in the built environment

Learn about the Living Building Challenge - Very philosophical in nature, focuses on net zero energy usage as well as adopting design and construction that improves the world

Find information on incentives for energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies by state