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RCL Articles, Books & More

Guide to Articles, Books & More organization and features.

Results Section Features

The Results Section in Articles, Books & More list all items in the library collection that match you keywords. The list will change as you apply different Filters & Refinements. 

Listed records might show different information depending on the content type. Examples of some common records are provided in the image (research guide, journal, article and book). Check below for detailed explanations.


a - Number of results of your search. It changes as you apply filters.


b - Sort your results by Relevance or Date (newest or oldest). 


c - Click here to add results from other libraries outside of the University of Rochester.


d - Check our Database Recommendations to access discipline specific search tools that match your keywords.


e - Search results, check examples of four item records with different formats: Research Guide, Journal, Article or Book [additional formats not shown]. 


f - These icons provide the option to:

  • Create a permanent link to the record to put anyplace for future use.
  • Cite this item: Select a citation format and print or copy the citation.
  • Email this item
  • Save this item to a temporary Folder, where citations can be viewed, emailed, printed, and exported during a search session. To access the temporary Folder, click on the folder icon on the lower right-hand side of the Search and Navigation Bar
  • More Actions:
    • Read online: Access the full text item.
    • Export to: Export to a variety of citation management tools.


g - Click on Preview to see additional information about the item, including Subject Headings.


h - See your item's Format and Availability. Format corresponds to the item's Content Type (Book, Article, Book Review, Journal, etc.), while availability relates to your options for access:

  • Full Text Online: library has full-text access to the resource. 
  • Citation Online: library does NOT have full-text access to the resource; you will have to Request this item. Login into My Account to see the Request options. 
  • For physical items: see library location and Call Number.
  • Click on Browse Now to see an Article in context within the full journal volume or to access all the volumes of a Journal via BrowZine. Learn more about BrowZine.


i - Click here to see items that this resource cites (Cites) and items that have cited this resource (Cited by) in Articles, Books & More [not available for all items].


j - Click here to access scholarly citations to this item on Web of Science and Scopus, or to see the Altmetric Score (colorful donut) for this item and access popular citations (news, blog, social media) [available only for articles]. 


k - Click here to see additional information available for books and e-books.