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DiscoverUR Search Tips (River Campus Libraries)

Guide to DiscoverUR organization and features.

Advanced Search Features

DiscoverUR's Advanced Search interface allows you to design searches that retrieve more focused results than basic keyword searches. Use the Advanced Search interface to select specific search fields and incorporate the Boolean Operators AND, OR and NOT between search terms in you queries. 

Check the section Search for Known Items for additional tips. 

Search For buttons allow you to search within a specific category of materials (i.e. materials that belong to UR, electronic resources, course reserves or research guides).

Add A New Line of search filters: add up to 7 rows. Select from a list of search fields and combine them with the Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT.

Wild Cards: Use a question mark ? to perform a single character wildcard search. For example, type wom?n to search for records that contain the strings woman, women, and so forth.

Use an asterisk * to perform a multiple character wildcard search. For example, type cultur* to search for records that contain strings, such as culture, cultural, and culturally.







Advanced Search allows you to perform a search that returns all records for one or more selected pre-filters (such as Material Type and Language).

Using Advanced search to locate materials in different formats

Finding materials in other languages

DiscoverUR's advanced search can be used to find materials in other languages.  For instance, here's an example on how to locate materials in Chinese: