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RCL Articles, Books & More

Guide to Articles, Books & More organization and features.

Advanced Search Features

The Advanced Search interface allows you to design searches that retrieve more focused results than basic keyword searches. Use the Advanced Search interface to select specific search fields and incorporate the Boolean Operators AND, OR and NOT between search terms in you queries. 

Check the section Search for Known Items for additional tips. 




a -  Add rows and search up to 20 different fields for very focused results.


b - Select from a list of search fields and combine them with the Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT.

Fields searchable in the Advanced Search
  • All Fields (excludes Volume)
  • Author (includes Author and Corporate Author)
  • Title (includes Title, Subtitle, and Document Title Alternate)
  • Publication Title*
  • Subjects
  • Abstract
  • Call Number
  • Dewey
  • DOI
  • ISBN
  • ISSN
  • Edition
  • Full Text
  • Genre
  • Geographic Locations
  • Issue
  • OCLC Number
  • Patent Number
  • Publisher
  • Series
  • Table of Contents
  • Time Period
  • Volume

* Publication Title: Identifies the source (journal, newspaper, book, etcetera) of the item (journal article, newspaper article, book chapter, etc.).


c - Apply additional filters before executing a search to further refine your query. Selecting "Items in the Library Catalog" will filter out all articles from the search, leaving mostly books and other formats. 

Search for Known Items

If you are searching for a known item (you have the Title, Author or Citation), follow the instructions below:

  • Books
    • Go to Advanced Search and search for Title, Author, ISBN or any other piece of information you have.
    • Filter for Content Type: Book / eBook.
    • Limit to Items in the library catalog.


  • Articles
    • Copy the Title of the article in the main search box
    • Filter for Content Type: Journal Article.
    • OR
      • Go to Advanced Search and search for Title (Title of the Article), Publication Title (Title of the Journal), DOI (doi of the Article) or any other piece of information you have.
      • Filter to Content Type: Journal Article.