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RCL Articles, Books & More

Guide to Articles, Books & More organization and features.

Item Record Features

If the item you are trying to access in Articles, Books & More is included in the Library Catalog, you will be directed to an Item Record page with a full description of the resource and further access options. Check below for more details.



a - Save and export an item record:

  • Email the record, get a permanent link, print or export to a Reference Manager system. Export directly to Endnote or RefWorks; use Export RIS for Zotero or Export Bibtex for Mendeley.


b - Get access to an item, including Request and Interlibrary Loan (ILL):

  • Login to My Account to see all the available options. You will need your Active Directory's username and password. Learn more on the My Account tab.
  • If you need an Interlibrary Loan for this item, select the option linked to your affiliated library. You will need your NetID and Password to login into your ILL account.
  • For physical items, see Location, Call Number and Availability.
  • For online items, see Availability options (date range and online provider).


c - See detailed information about an item:

  • Click on the active links to do a new Author or Subject search.


d - Explore our virtual shelf to find items in close proximity to this one:

  • Click on the items to see their records.