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DiscoverUR Search Tips (River Campus Libraries)

Guide to DiscoverUR organization and features.

Search for a journal title using the main search box

If you know the name of the journal title you wish to find, you can always search for the name of the database using the regular search box.  A one word journal title can sometimes be found more quickly with the general search (e.g. “banking” and “cell").

Search for a journal title using the Journal Search on the main menu on the results page

Search for the full title of the journal, partial title or ISSN.

Search for a journal title using the drop down on the Library Website

Select "Journals" from the dropdown list on the Library's website, and search for the full or partial title of the journal.


Searching for journal articles using a citation

We recommend that you do not paste an entire search into DiscoverUR.  (E.g. "Gates, M.; Tschudi, G. "The Synthesis of Morphine". J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1956, 78, 1380-1393").  Instead, search for the full title of the article in quotes (e.g. "The Synthesis of Morphine") or the full title of a journal "Journal of the American Chemical Society").

If you have a citation that abbreviates the journal name, spell it out completely when searching for it in DiscoverUR.