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Data Bloom is a series of data visualization workshops which conclude with a contest.

Join the Libraries for Data Bloom, a series of data visualization workshops capped with a contest! Learn how to effectively create attractive data visualizations in one (or all) of our 7 workshops... then show off your work in the Data Bloom contest for honor, glory, and prizes!

Workshops - Open to all!

The Data Bloom Workshops are beginner-friendly and open to everyone in the UR/URMC community. Feel free to register for one or all of them! 

Additional Workshops at Studio X

Data Bloom: Data Visualization Competition Rules

Who Can Participate

  1. While the workshops are open to anyone, the Data Bloom contest is only open to registered students of the University of Rochester.
  2. The contest is open to all departments, disciplines, and programs.

Contest Information

  1. The submission process will open in late November.
  2. All applicants will be reviewed by a panel of judges drawn from different departments of the University of Rochester.
  3. There will be a minimum of three prizes:
    1. Best Undergraduate Visualization
    2. Best Graduate Visualization
    3. People's Choice Award
    4. Additional prizes may be available at the Data Bloom team's discretion.
  4. Submissions will be displayed at the Data Bloom contest party in January as infographic posters (20" x 30") or on computers.

Submission Rules

  1. Submissions should be in good taste and befitting Meliora Values.
  2. A submission's data can come from any source, but must be properly attributed.  Every submission should be publicly available or a sample provided to the judges.
  3. Students are encouraged to submit visualizations made for classes, independent class projects, internships, employment, or original creations for the contest.  We kindly ask you to refrain from submitting visualizations that have already been submitted and/or accepted to journals, books, or conferences.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Data Bloom committee.
  4. Visualizations may be made with any software program.  Software programs should be disclosed.
  5. AI-generated material is not allowed.
  6. The Data Bloom committee reserves the right to disqualify any submission if they violate the letter or spirit of the contest.

Contact: Arjay Romanowski

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