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* Digital Media Studies: Podcasts 101

A guide to articles, books, databases, and other resources applicable to digital media studies available to the University of Rochester community

Getting Started

7 Steps for Podcasting Beginners (based on Roberto Blake's video below)

  1. Have an idea and a format in mind
    • Do you need a script? Should the podcast have different sections?
  2. Get audio equipment & produce your shows (record & edit)
    • RCL (River Campus Libraries) at present does not have recording equipment or space available for recording
    • You can record with your cell phone, a headset with microphone, or a separate microphone
    • Use a blanket when recording to block out ambient noise
  3. Add metadata for discoverability
  4. Artwork & assets
  5. Webhosting & Media hosting (free: WordPress & SoundCloud)
  6. Distribute your podcast (iTunes, Google Play, etc.)
  7. Get reviews, ratings, and promote your podcast

Software & Other Resources

Recording & Editing

Background Music & Sound Effects


Web Hosting

Media Hosting