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* Medieval Studies: Old & Middle English

Guide to interdisciplinary research in medieval studies.


Important Print Guides to Chaucer

One-stop shopping for Chaucerian scholarship

 Chaucer Bibliography Online

Selected Chaucerian Texts Online

Canterbury Tales (ed. F. N. Robinson, 1957)

Canterbury Tales (selected tales from the Hengwrt MS, ed. Paul G. Ruggiers, 1979)

Canterbury Tales (selected tales in modernized spelling, ed. Michael Murphy)

Boece (ed. Richard Morris, 1868)

Book of the Duchess (ed. W. W. Skeat, 1899)

House of Fame (ed. W. W. Skeat, 1899)

Parliament of Fowles (ed. W. W. Skeat, 1900)

Treatise on the Astrolabe (ed. W. W. Skeat, 1872) 

Troilus& Criseyde (ed. B. A. Windeatt, 1984)

Troilus & Criseyde (ed. Michael Murphy, modernized spelling, abridged)

"Lak of Stedfastnesse" (ed. F. N. Robinson, 1957)

"Mercilesse Beaute" (ed. F. N. Robinson, 1957)

Other Chaucerian Resources Online

Chaucer MetaPage - A collaborative effort to provide a guide to on-line sources for Chaucer studies

The Electronic Canterbury Tales - A treasure trove of useful information about Chaucer and the Tales

Essential Chaucer - Selective, annotated bibliography of Chaucer studies from 1900-1984

Harvard University's Chaucer Pages - Comprehensive resource on the Chaucer and his world

The Open Access Companion to the Canterbury Tales - volume of introductory chapters for first-time, university-level readers of Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. The chapters have been created and edited by professional scholars of Chaucer, and all material is released open access and free of charge for classroom, scholarly, and personal use.

TMR Reviews of Recent Books about Chaucer - Compiled by Edwin Duncan, Towson University

Visualizing Chaucer - Resource on postmedieval illustrated versions of Chaucer

General & Miscellaneous Resources

Middle English Compendium: 3 resources in 1: The Middle English Dictionary, HyperBibliography of Middle English prose and verse, and an associated network of electronic resources, including a large collection of Middle English texts.

Database of Middle English Romance - Comprehensive resource on verse romance, searchable by manuscript, keyword & verse form

Old English Literature

Learning Old English

Peter Baker's Old English Aerobics

University of Glasgow's Essentials of Old English (also available as a free iOS/Android app)

University of Cambridge OE Grammar Exercises

Online Resources & Projects

Electronic Beowulf - Once a paid subscription, the EB is now free online! Includes a bibliography of recent scholarship 1990-2012

Resources for the Study of Beowulf - Great compilation of Beowulf-related information, sites, and projects

Old English Literature: A Hypertext Course Pack - An older site, but contains a number of hypertext editions of important OE texts

Fontes Anglo-Saxonic - Searchable, full-text versions of written sources used by Anglo-Saxon authors

Anglo Saxon Aloud - No longer active, but includes audio files of all poems written in Old English