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This subject guide provides reliable resources pertaining to the study of behavior and the mind.

Is My Source Scholarly?

Source Level

Here are a few criteria for determining if your source is scholarly:
Author(s) credentials - are they experts working or teaching in this field of study?
Length - is it a few brief paragraphs or a longer, more substantive article?
Language - is it written for other scholars in the field?  Do they used specialized or technical language specific to this field of study?     
References - is the author(s) citing other scholars in this field of study? Do they have a robust reference list?
Journal or Book Type - If it's a journal article, what kind of journal is the article is published in?  Is it a scholarly journal, or even peer reviewed?  If it’s a book, is it published by a university press or other well-respected commercial publisher known for publishing scholarly works?

Note Taking

CSP 315 Library Session

EMPIRICAL RESEARCH EXERCISE 1 - Identifying Empirical Research

Directions: Skim through the following articles and determine if they are empirical research papers. Be prepared to justify your decision.

Base your decision using the following criteria: 
    •    Structure: Does it have methodology, results, and conclusions?
    •    Publication: Is it published in a scholarly journal?
    •    Perspective: Is it about the author(s) own research?

Knight, J. L., & Giuliano, T. A. (2001). He's a laker; she's a "looker": The consequences of gender-stereotypical portrayals of male and female athletes by the print media. Sex Roles, 45(3), 217-229. Retrieved from   

Sourdot, L. A., & Carpenter, B. S. (2009). (Over)turning the tables: Aliens in america as a curriculum of identity construction and (multi)cultural violence. Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education, 27, 107-121. Retrieved from

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