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* Psychology

This guide provides reliable resources pertaining to the study of behavior and the mind, including books, journals, databases, videos, and reference sources in the psychological sciences.

Applying to Grad School?

Getting Involved & Networking

Professional organizations are groups of people organized around a common professional interests or field of specialization. Membership in a professional organization usually entails paying a membership fees or dues, and quite often there are many levels of membership, usually including a reduced-rate student membership.   Most professional organizations offer one or more annual conferences, which members can attend to meet others in the field and improve their skills.  Many organizations offer online or in-person seminars and classes to build competency in various aspects of the field.  In short, professional organizations offer many opportunities for you to advance in your area of expertise, network with others in your field, learn about opportunities to present at conferences, get calls for proposals for publication or hear about funding opportunities to support your research.

Researching Employers & Getting Published

Field-Specific Job Postings

Websites like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, or the hiring organization’s website can give you a sense of a potential employer's size and culture.