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Note-Taking While Researching Module (CASC 142): Reading & Note-taking

Welcome to Note-Taking While Researching! This self-paced guide will help you:

  • Understand the difference between note-taking for lecture and note-taking for research purposes
  • Discover new tools and methods for note-taking
  • Practice at least one method of note-taking for research
  • Understand that research is iterative and as you read you may formulate questions, discover new terms and concepts, and/or evolve a research question or topic, which in turn could lead to more research.

You can navigate through this tutorial by completing the page you are on and then click the "Next" button on the bottom right of the page. 

Notetaking tools for PDF reading

Notetaking Tools for PDFs

Before you begin, if you would like to save paper by not printing out the PDFs within this guide, here are a few options for using digital tools to take notes. 

For PC:

Adobe Acrobat How-To Videos

For Mac:

Group Notetaking: 


Up Next: Get started by reflecting on your current notetaking practices.