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Note-Taking While Researching Module (CASC 142): Step Four: Visual Notetaking

Visual/Sketch Notetaking

Step Four:

Please take 10 minutes for this exercise.  Read through your article at least one time very closely. 

Draw quick pictures of the main points. Feel free to add words and colors to make the story come to life.  Add details.  The organization of the pictures doesn’t have to be linear, in fact it is better if it is not, like a concept map for example.  Larger, darker words are key points and smaller words are details.

Visual Notetaking/Sketchnoting

Sketchnoting -> Customized notetaking = uses sketches and/or visual elements + uses words and/or phrases and sentences ->visual & artistic information

Sketchnoting. (18 Feb. 2019). Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License by Amytangg on Wikimedia Commons.

For more information and examples of visual notetaking, please feel free to review any of the following videos before trying it for yourself. 

Please use this article to practice visual notetaking. You do not have to read the entire article in this. Read for about 5 minutes and spend your remaining 5 minutes practicing the notetaking method. 

Up Next: You will choose your favorite method and practice it one more time with a new article.