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Note-Taking While Researching Module (CASC 142): Step Five: Choose Your Favorite

Time to Practice Your Favorite

Whichever method you feel worked best for you to interact with a research article, or if there is one you want to try again before deciding, take 10 minutes to practice it now. Please use the following article. 

Take a moment to reflect on this process. 

  • What worked well?
  • What might you need more time to adjust to?
  • Did you find a new method for taking notes while researching?
  • Were there methods that didn't work for you at all?
  • Were there methods that worked better than you expected?
  • What other methods might you be willing to try, now that you are aware that there are many to choose from?

Up Next: If you need more help, have questions about the content of this guide, or would like to find more articles on your chosen research topic, use the next page in this guide to get help from a librarian.