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Note-Taking While Researching Module (CASC 142): Step One: Summarize

Ted Talk: Working Memory Summary

Step One:

Watch the clip of this video (from 4:07 to the end) about working memory and then summarize it. Do not take notes as you watch. Do not rewatch the clip as you take notes. This is an exercise in trying to discover how much you remember. As you summarize, think about why you focused on the ideas and details you've chosen/remembered.

  • Are these the main points from the video?
  • Are they part of a bigger picture, or are they details?
  • In what context are broad, big-picture ideas appropriate, and when do you need to think about the details?
  • Are any of the words he used unfamiliar to you, so that you may want to look them up?
  • Are there any words or concepts he mentions that you think would make good search terms for you to learn more about this topic to fill in gaps in your knowledge?

Please take around 5 minutes to watch, or read the transcript (without taking notes) and then write a 3-5 sentence summary of the clip. 

Up Next: You will read a short article and practice the Interrogation notetaking method.