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Open Access Support at UR

Provides information to UR-affiliated authors on open access publishing options at the university.

Open Access Transformative Agreements

Open access (OA) has become paramount to advancing the interests of scholars, increasing access to knowledge, and expediting discovery; as a result, many institutions and funders are implementing policies that require their researchers to make reports on research openly accessible.

Transformative Agreements are contracts between publishers and libraries --or institutions-- that advance open access by moving money used for subscription purposes to support article processing charges (APCs) for affiliated authors.

Check the menu on the left (or the list below) to learn more about current library agreements with different academic publishers. Explore other services on support of OA.

Current agreements:

Open Access Publications at UR

Recent bibliometric snapshots of UR publications --harvested from Web of Science (WOS)-- show that many researchers at UR are already selecting OA options for their publications. UR total publications currently fluctuate between 4,000-5,000 items per year.